Rest in Peace Bernd Kreikmann

In deep sadness we have to say that our team member Bernd Kreikmann has lost his battle and passed away 25th july 2017. Born in 1951 Bernd was a member of the editor team of Munich Talk for nearly 12 months. He opened with an article about The Sirens Records and their latest records of Erwin Helfer and Barrelhouse Chuck, who passed away in 2016. Our thoughts are with his family back in Hannover. Bernd joined us as a connaisseur of the North American Blues having deep and personal contacts to many Blues musicians. He was a fan of the more traditional path of blues. Having a professional business background he consulted in commercial issues how to run a magazine. Bernd joined us with the deep wish to overcome his health problems and contributed with numerious articles to the magazine.

I join the last message of his family:

With the death of a person you loose all but never the the time you spent with him!

Bernd –  the world of the Blues will miss you! Bye Bye, gute Reise und Auf Wiedersehen!

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